Where to Retire: Bloomington, Indiana

The home of Indiana University since 1820, Bloomington is a small place. But thanks to the university, it has more culture and recreation than most metropolitan areas and at bargain prices. Additional big-city assets are readily available in nearby Indianapolis, 50 miles north adding to the allure as a retirement community. Landscape: Bloomington is situated […]

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Earthwatch Ocean Adventures – Whales and Dolphins of California Part 10

Our research boat left the Avalon harbor on Catalina Island and headed on a northerly transect for observation of and data collection on the areas marine mammals.  Suddenly several dolphins broke the surface so we took a GPS reading and recorded the time.  As we began to record their behavior it was clear that they […]

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Retirement Money and Why There is Never Enough

When you were a young child and wanted a new toy or a piece of candy, your parents most likely told you to clean your room, take out the garbage or wash the dishes to earn whatever money you needed to purchase the desired object. Your life as a wage earner had begun. The work […]

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The Only Road to Everything You Want

We commit to real change, and then we resist it. This cosmic dance has been going on forever in every ballroom since the beginning of time… I’ve committed to write more this year. It’s what I want. Now that I’ve said it, I know I will drag into my writing room, and it will feel […]

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RetireWOW Celebrates the Senior New to Retirement

RetireWOW celebrates the opportunities of life over 50 by creating a community for sharing tools, resources, and guidance to help the senior new to retirement make a new life.

  • The baby boomer retirement is different as many intend to keep working in to retirement.

  • The concept of a life of full-time leisure or full-time work is being rejected. A happy retirement consists of integrating work, play, and volunteer activities.

  • Retirement ideas now consist of learning, growing, mental stimulation and finding meaning are requirements for the New Aging.

  • No longer the “me” generation, the New Aging is about the “we” generation. Retirement wishes are about staying connected to family, and friends, but also making a difference in the world.
RetireWOW.com welcomes the baby boomers generation when it’s your time to prepare to retire. Explore the website, make comments, ask questions of the experts, and join in our teleclasses. Our goal is to get you informed and involved in the finest of adult living.

Life Planning

By Cathy Severson, MS

As a counselor, one of the first questions baby boomers preparing for retirement say when we talk is, “I don’t know what I’m going to do after I retire.” Retirement is a significant life transition with opportunities to develop new passions and redefine who you are from the inside out.

Most of the information about retirement has centered on finances, but it’s also an important psychological shift that can be both scary and liberating. RetireWOW was created to help you successfully transition into this new world. We know this isn’t our parents’ retirement. In addition to the blog, we are creating a community where we can learn from each other, as well as the RLM experts.

I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter, ask questions of the experts, make comments, join in the teleclass and even be a guest blogger. This is your site, so let us know what you want and how we can make it better.