Activities in RetirementWork, achievement, and raising a family were so demanding, many of the Baby Boomer generation forgot how to play. Therefore, they don’t know how to retire. RetireWOW helps Boomers learn how to play again and provides information about different senior activities to make your retirement the best retirement.

While planning a retirement resembling a twenty year vacation is not recommended, becoming involved in senior citizen activities that one enjoys is vital to limiting brain age. If you are like most soon to be retirees, your primary focus has been work and family for the past 30 to 40 years. In Find Your Retirement Passion, Cathy Severson explores some of the common mistakes made by new retirees while offering good advice for filling those days and nights that won’t be quite as busy as they once were.

RetireWOW explores virtually every activity imaginable. From scrapbooking 101 to investigating ones family history via one of the many geneology websites. However, undoubtedly, the most sought after activity for new retirees is travel. Whether your goal is to see the country in an RV or travel the world exploring ancient civilizations, one of our seasoned travel writers can guide you along your journey. Author Warren Stortroen has tips on everything from archeological exploration in New Mexico, to exploring the worlds oceans in a series titles Earthwatch Ocean Adventures.

Polls conducted with baby boomers, and other seniors new to retirement have consistently shown an interest in senior learning. Whether returning to college or less formal education, keeping mentally alive and challenged by learning new things helps maintain a strong sense of purpose. RetireWOW aims to aide in such a learning process by offering enlightening and worthwhile content for its readers.