And the Fountain of Youth is

Over the last few months, I’ve spent considerable time researching healthy aging or how to find the fountain of youth. There isn’t a lot of argument about what we need to do to live longer, healthier lives. In fact researchers found there were four simple things we can do to significantly reduce our risk from heart attack and death. Quit smoking. Exercise. Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetable a day. Lose weight. It’s that simple.In a report that was greatly publicized last week, it’s been determined that women need one hour of cardio activity a day. According to researchers, less than 15 percent of women actually get that much exercise.

While I’m curious as to why we don’t live healthier lives, at the end of the day, the why is not relevant. So, I would love to hear from former couch potatoes, or people like me, who struggled to get enough exercise. How did you turn the corner and make physical activity an important part of your life. What motivated you to start exercising? How did you make the initial step? What tips or suggestions would you provide to help the rest of us live healthier lives?

I’ll report what I hear back.

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