Are Top Ten Travel Destinations Worth It?


Lonely Planet travel recently ran a poll inquiring about whether the top ten travel destinations in Europe were worth the time and expense. As people are preparing for travel, many are planning to visit popular travel destinations.

When my husband and I visited the United Kingdom, my travel books said that Stonehenge was disappointing. While I don’t think I would have planned my trip specifically to go there, we happened to be staying a few miles from the site. Based on the reviews, we didn’t visit Stonehenge. Now, I’m sorry we didn’t make the effort. I was forewarned that it might be a tad touristy, but it’s an amazing historical sight and I’ll probably never be back in that part of the country.

To honor the travel season, I’m wondering what about your top ten travel destinations? Have you skipped a popular travel destination based on reviews and regretted it? Have you ignored advice, visited a travel destination, and then sorry you did? Finally, have you had any pleasant surprises in visiting a popular travel destination?

The biggest surprise I ever had of a travel destination was our visit to the Sahara Desert. I’m not a big camping fan, so I wasn’t looking forward to camping out in the Sahara Desert when we went on tour to Morocco. I’m so glad I didn’t let that detour me from the trip. The Sahara Desert was by far the most amazing travel experience I’ve ever had. Not only was the camping exceptional, but we had the opportunity to meet Berber tribes people and saw how they have lived for thousands of years.

When our travel time is so valuable, it’s often easy to miss wonderful opportunities. I would love to have you share you thoughts about the top ten travel destinations and those that aren’t necessarily the popular travel destinations.


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