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Living the Dream without Breaking the Bank

(What Stops People From Living Their Dream?) Ed note: John Robinson is one of 6 ‘Retirement Experts’ who are interviewed for the series “Living the Dream Without Breaking the Bank”. Listen to an excerpt of John and the other interviews: The new aging has given us 15-20 more years of life. What shall we do […]

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Stuck in Depression

What To Do When You’re Stuck in Depression

Depression comes in big and little sizes. We all fall into depressed moods from time to time, and most of the time, they pass. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves unable to break depression’s spell. What do we do then? To begin with, I’m not talking here about major or profoundly debilitating depression that requires professional […]

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The Issues Men Talk About With Each Other

The Issues Men Talk About With Each Other (But Not Their Wives) As a psychologist and expert on men’s issues, I have facilitated men’s groups and gatherings for over two decades (not to mention participating in my own men’s groups as well), and I can tell you that men really value the company of other […]

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Growing Older

What Channel Are You On?

As we age, so much of who and what we were disappears. Is your body the same as it was in the middle years? How about your appearance? Have you seen a recent photo of yourself lately? Do you still play the same social roles or have the same identity that you had during the […]

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Visiting the Next World

I lost a dear friend recently. I still haven’t learned exactly how she died. It doesn’t really matter. Elisabeth was a talented, kind and very skillful therapist, teacher and friend. I will miss her terribly. So I asked how she was doing. At first she was quite distressed – dying had been sudden and this […]

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Aging’s Late Life Crisis

I recently read a short newspaper article entitled, “The ‘mid-life crisis’ of sixty-somethings.” It cited a survey by Dr. Oliver Robinson (no relation!) from the University of Greenwich finding fully a third of men and women reported a “developmental” crisis in their sixties. I thought to myself, “Duh!” When you examine the sheer number of […]

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There Are No End Runs in Spirituality

There may be end runs in football, but not in spirituality. Even when spiritual insights are brilliant and true, they cannot erase the big psychological issues that confront us. In Finding Heaven Here, I proposed a fourfold map of the religious psyche.The Quadrants were: 1. Divinity: no self/pure consciousness/divine Self; 2. Heaven on Earth: the […]

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The Natural Community of Aging Men

A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name: The Natural Community of Men I just came back from a gathering of thirty-plus men who meet weekly “just because.” There is no agenda, purpose, organization or rules. We sat around, drank coffee and talked about anything that came up. Such fun! It just flowed. I see these […]

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Carl Jung on successful Aging

Jung on Death as the Goal of Life

That amazing psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, understood that aging, instead of being a time of ossification and decline, was in fact a profoundly important stage of psychological and spiritual growth. More amazingly, he argued that death was actually the goal and fulfillment of life. Here is what he said. Let it touch you and then we’ll […]

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Life after 60 Means Second Growth

The Remarkable Real Meaning of "Old"

In The Spirituality of Later Life Series (Vol. 3) published by the Second Journey website (, I recently ran across a remarkable etymological exploration of the word “old” by Drew Leder, a philosophy professor at Loyola University Maryland. Examining the word, he explained, It derives from the Indo-European base-word “al,” meaning “to grow, nourish.” From […]

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