Being Thankful for the Good and Bad Times

In a time of thanksgiving, it’s normal to feel gratitude for the good in our life. Rarely do we take the opportunity to be thankful for both the good and bad times. Why should I be thankful for the difficulties in my life you might ask?

After the tragedy of 9/11, many people took the time to re-evaluate their lives. Some people reassessed their priorities, made career changes or reconnected to family and friends. Many people reviewed their values to see if they were living a life of integrity.

The challenges in life build resilience. We often build character and a greater understanding of our strengths during the bad times.

For many, difficulties provide and opportunity to grow stronger spiritually. Some times people connect to God for the first time during a traumatic life event. For others, challenges provide an opportunity to evaluate one’s relationship to the universe.

Regardless of the economic climate, there are going to be people who are involved in a personal struggle. Occasionally, there is a global or community event which provides an opportunity for people to come together as a collective. Some may need support, while others will open to providing it. A special kinship can develop as people work together to meet challenges.

It is in surviving the tough times that we acquire a special appreciation for the bounty of life.  A struggle in one area may provide a special sense of gratitude in another. Financial difficulties may promote thanksgiving for friends and family, for example

During this time of thanksgiving and global transition, take a moment to look at all the things to be thankful for. As you feel appreciation for the abundance in your life, take a moment to give thanks for the challenges and opportunities you face.


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  1. Thank you for these word of wisdom Cathy