Build Your Wardrobe with Lifestyle Clothes

If you were a professional woman before retirement, you may feel like you need to build your wardrobe from scratch.  The wardrobe you had in your professional world isn’t going to fit your new life.  The best way to create a wardrobe is on lifestyle clothes.

You can build your own wardrobe by first looking at the activities you engage or plan to get involved. What kinds of hobbies or recreation do you enjoy? Do you do a lot of socializing with friends and family? Do you go to cultural events?

Look at the community where you live or are going to reside. If you’re planning to move from the suburbs to the city to enjoy culture, your wardrobe will be much different. Think about the clothing norms of the community you live, as well as the climate. If you travel, think about the types of places you visit and the clothes you need for your destinations.

In addition to lifestyle clothes, think about your personality and how you want to express yourself in you wardrobe. Many professional women struggle with their identity in retirement, so you may have to discover who this new woman is. It can be fun to create a signature style that is distinctly yours. If you are not sure what style you want, focus on the basics and accessorize. As you learn more about yourself, add more signature pieces. Look for classics that you will want to wear for awhile.

On of the nice things about getting older, is you’re less bound by fads and convention. You can have fun with your wardrobe without feeling self-conscious. You can think about the image you want to convey. Many women over 50 want to look youthful, without being age inappropriate.

Finally, think about the women you admire and study what they wear. Think about celebrity women, but also women in your community. Don’t be afraid to take risks as you build your wardrobe.

For many women, fashion can feel like a chore as they get older. If you start with lifestyle clothes, you can have fun with fashion and express yourself in the process.

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