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Explore Your Past through Memoir

When you were younger, was there a time that sang of optimism, one you reflect on today to sustain you when you’re feeling down?  No matter how difficult your road is now, at that juncture you lived with passion and regretted making time to sleep. Or was there a trying interval you survived, one that […]

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Mounting the Denouement

Conquering the end is the reason for the beginning. We were sitting along the seawall with the bright winter sun on our faces. Cheeks are flushed in radiance, and the brilliance of sunlight refracted through tiny cresting waves is blinding. With eyes shut tight the sun creates an intensity that forces the mind away from […]

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Joshua Tree’s Desert Species – Earthwatch Adventure II

On a pleasant day, in the lower elevation Colorado Desert section of the park, we began our reptile transect in an area of palo verde trees and ocotillos near a rocky outcrop.  As we lined up to walk the first segment of the survey I immediately spotted a whiptail lizard scurrying under a creosote bush!  […]

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What to Avoid When You’re New To Retirement

Excerpt from Retire to Play and Purpose By Edward Zinkiewicz Busyness: Rushing to get through the feelings of loss is definitely a mistake. Avoid busyness. “I’m so busy now I don’t know how I found time to go to work.” How often have you heard that statement from a retired person? I don’t know about […]

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Living the Dream without Breaking the Bank

(What Stops People From Living Their Dream?) Ed note: John Robinson is one of 6 ‘Retirement Experts’ who are interviewed for the series “Living the Dream Without Breaking the Bank”. Listen to an excerpt of John and the other interviews: The new aging has given us 15-20 more years of life. What shall we do […]

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Earthwatch Adventures: Coastal Environments of Maine and Texas

In Maine, on the Earthwatch expedition CLIMATE CHANGE:  SEA TO TREES AT ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, in September, the volunteers did surveys of invasive green crabs on the rocky shorelines when the tide was out.  Also, several bird identification transects and surveys of migratory bird food, including insects and fruit such as huckleberries, wild raisins and […]

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Three Secrets of Aging

Three Secrets of Aging: An Interview with the Dr. John Robinson

John Robinson Ph.D. is a featured expert. Blogtalk radio guest John Robinson is a clinical psychologist, interfaith minister, and author of six books on the psychological and the spiritual challenges of life’s second half. During this interview, we will focus his book The Three Secrets of Aging. Dr Robinson has a mission to share […]

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baby quest

Leaving Retirement to Start a Nonprofit

Pamela Hirsch retired from her national educational prep company and ended up starting a nonprofit for people struggling with the cost of infertility treatments. In this segment you will learn about Pam’s transition through retirement and the inside scoop about starting and running a nonprofit. When her daughter found out she couldn’t conceive, the whole […]

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Meaning of Life

Reflections on the Meaning of Life

I struggle every day to get past the sadness and loss of my son, even though I know my sadness won’t feed one child or make the world better in any way. I can only keep believing that kindness, in general, improves our lot and that the world is big and enough for us all […]

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Take My Advice

A while ago a friend sent me one of those emailed lists of advice purported to be from Andy Rooney or the Dalai Llama. It included some good advice, but also some really terrible advice. I know neither His Holiness nor Rooney had anything to do with it. Because the terrible advice exasperated me so, […]

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