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Adventure Life Begins at an Early Age

Bill Birnbaum began his adventure life at an early age. Enjoy this excerpt from the introduction to his book, “A Lifetime of Small Adventures.” The Kid on the Bus My mom turned away just for a moment. Then I, as a three year old boy, stepped up onto the bus. The doors closed and away […]

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Keep Moving for Healthy Aging

Important Health Information for Seniors about Physical Activity

According to fitness coach Tom Manfredi of, after 14 years and studying 123,000 people he says: “So, even if we get 60 minutes of exercise per day, if we sit for the remaining 15 waking hours in a day, that sitting may override the good benefits derived from the exercise.” This makes sense, but […]

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KT LaSalla Leading Dance Class

RetireWOW Expert KT LaSalla Shares her Love of Dance

Our guest today is KT LaSalla who is an expert with Dance has always been the cornerstone of KT’s life. Her love for dance started at 3 years old in a ballet and tap class while growing up in the Midwest. She later moved to NYC, became a Performer appearing in National Broadway Shows […]

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Budapest by night

100 Things to do Before You Die Revisited

Part of the retirement transition is taking stock of your life and planning what you want to do with the time you have left. Almost fifteen years ago, 100 Things to do Before You Die was published. In this book, authors Dave Freeman and Neil Teplica highlight events that should be on everyone’s bucket list. […]

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Make YOUR Exercise a “Fun” Sport

Exercise should be as fun as any sport. Have you ever heard or said, “Is Exercise a Sport?” It’s a necessary sport for us seniors! We do it our way: standing, sitting, leaning, or anyway we can because today’s “Senior Generation” loves activities and knows the value to “just keep moving!” Billie Jean King, the […]

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Retirement Leisure: Top Physical Recreational Activities

Exercise and physical fitness is a huge leisure activities for baby boomers as they try to stay fit or get a medical wake-up call after a lifetime of being sedentary. Walking, hiking and running are easy and inexpensive, but joining gyms are also popular. There are classes and groups for many forms of exercise so […]

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Retirement Activites Quiz

Retirement Activities Being Physical

Aging baby boomers are not slowing down physically as they age. Physical activity continues to be an important part of their lives. Because the majority of baby boomers didn’t work in back breaking jobs like their parents, the shape of their bodies is based on choice more than the deterioration from working on farms or […]

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