Eliminate What Are You Tolerating

Human beings are phenomenal in their ability to adapt to almost any situation or environment. Throughout history, people have lived and survived the most abysmal circumstances. The problem is we have often settled for less than ideal conditions because we can. Tolerating irritations suck the energy out of you, meaning you are less likely to be able to focus on what you really want.

Transitioning into retirement provides an opportunity to look at your life and create it into your own liking. Most people over 60 have made compromises in life. There is nothing wrong with that. After retirement, people want to clean house. Clearing out tolerations is a great retirement goal. Ultimately, it will improve your retirement life.

Tolerations (this ‘word’ was originally coined by Coach Thomas Leonard) are those things that we have the capacity to eliminate, but don’t, even though they zap our energy and bug us. Often their impact has become such a common place, that we are not even consciously aware of the irritation; Tolerations drain your sense of contentment and peace in the world.

Tolerations are the compromises you’ve made because it was convenient or when you didn’t believe you deserved better. If you are willing to concede on the small things, you are more likely to give in on bigger issues in your life.

You can make a simple stand to the things you are tolerating in your life. By first identifying and then developing a plan to eliminate what you tolerate, you reclaim your life. This will improve how you feel about yourself, the amount of energy and drive you have.

The first step is to identify what you put up with at home, work, relationships, car, well-being and finances. Make a list of the big and small things that zap your energy. What would you want to eliminate to have the perfect retirement life? What are you tolerating that you could remove from your life? Because you have gotten so used to these things, it may take a week or so to come up with a good list. As you go through your day, ask yourself, “What am I tolerating? What little things are driving me crazy?’

When you have a list of twenty or so things you’re tolerating, rate each item from one to five (the greatest burden). Look at each toleration and ask yourself why you haven’t handled it. What is the benefit from keeping the tolerations? Was it inconvenient or too expensive to resolve? Do you feel a sense of nobility by carrying the burden? Is your life out of control and this is just one more example?

Many people don’t deal with their tolerations because they take time and thought. In retirement, people have more time. Eliminating tolerations can be a great retirement goal.

One of the definitions of a toleration is you have the ability to eliminate it. Look over your list to determine what tolerations you want to eradicate. As you start to remove these irritations from you life, don’t stop with just the symptom, go to the source of the problem and deal with it also. For example, if your spouse squeezes the toothpaste tube from the middle and that drives you crazy, don’t just yell at them and tell them to squeeze from the bottom. Instead buy the pump form of toothpaste. Or buy two tubes of toothpaste, so you each have your own. The point is to find a way to solve the source of the toleration and not just the symptom.

You may find you have irritations you don’t want to solve. Just by acknowledging you don’t want to eliminate the toleration will remove some of the energy drain it has on you.

You may have big tolerations you want to remove, you’re going to need help or support to remove. Call on a friend, therapist or coach to work with you to remove it from your life.

If you’re planning for retirement in the near future, or if you’re a new retiree, take the time to look at what you tolerate in your life. Many of the things about retirement are under your control.

Eliminating tolerations can be a first step in the prefect retirement life.

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