Erotic Massage: The Poetry of Intimacy Part 1

When I was a child stumbling through puberty I tripped on a novel considered daringly erotic for the time: A story of two lovers separated by caste and joined by passion. The man was a laborer, tough and callused; his lover a lady, silky and tender. He cherished the feel of her honeyed skin, but work gnarled his fingers and made leather of his palms. To protect her sensitive body and guard his delicate fingertips so he could relish her tenderness while she swooned to his touch, he wore a lubricated glove. Each morning before work he rubbed oil into his right hand and with a thought of her, slipped it into the yielding glove. This hand, forever soft, was formidable with tender touch.

Today, hands trip over computer keys as our minds stumble on words that rarely speak what we truly feel. Although our thoughts are often too clumsy for intelligent speech, our fingertips seldom lose their innate intellect to understand and talk to whatever they caress. Touch can communicate our deepest affection in ways that words can seldom express. All lovers are not poets but all lovers can create poetry with fingertips dancing slowly over sensitive skin. Poetic massage can make the finest of poets who depend on inconsistent words, seem like a stuttering illiterate fools. Regrettably, massage is far too often neglected in lovemaking. In previous articles we stated that sexual expressions left lingering in an immature longing for youth are the major obstacle to enhancing sex. Hopefully you have read and reread those articles and begun to appreciate the slow lingering touch that is essential for mature lovers.

Please never stop practicing the slow art of undressing with eyelids flickering shut and fingertips desperately open and longing to see more and more of their lover. Developing the ability to offer reassurance through touch is a vital talent for middle-aged lovers. Regardless of how intelligent we think we are, it is hard for us to accept that true maturity comes at a price: A cost that is completely connected to experience. Only time can create experience. Sadly, many otherwise intelligent women, and a much lesser amount of men, judge their sexual appeal as if time is a monster of wrinkles and sagging skin and there is no beauty in physically aging. In eleven years of servicing the fantasies of women and couples, by far the hardest task was the undressing of an older woman. Convincing them they were attractive was like explaining the fear of darkness to a lonely child. The mature lady may be a judge, doctor or professor and have spent years struggling for recognition in a very competitive world, but her vision of female beauty still sees the ‘Internal Girl’. Men with bodies that suggest their ‘Creator’ has a well-honed sense of dark humor strip down with a speed that would make Superman jealous. It is a cheerless notion to introduce at this moment of impending intimacy but many women deny themselves the glory of undressing. Far too often, lovely ladies deny their intelligence and appear embarrassed because their naked skin shows the well-earned wounds of time.

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