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During the month of December, six special people are being interviewed for RetireWOW.com.  Not only do they write and talk about Living the Dream (Without Breaking the Bank) in retirement, they Walk the Talk. They are Living their Dreams in retirement.

In this unique series of conversations, you will learn about their early transitions into retirement. It wasn’t always a bed of roses and they often struggled as they searched for a new sense of purpose and passion.  Many struggled with feelings of loneliness and isolation, with a loss of identity.

With candor and wit, they will share what they experienced and learned. They share how they fell and got back up, redefining retirement and discovering new ways to live.

In this amazing series, you will hear from:

Akaisha and Billy Kaderli. Recognized retirement experts Akaisha and Billy defy conventional life Kaderlie_What every1descriptions and prefer active trailblazing instead. Financially independent at the age of 38, they’ve been traveling the globe since 1991 and promoted medical tourism before the word was invented. They often find themselves on the cutting edge of societal trends and love sharing that expansive view in their books and on their website, RetireEarlyLifestyle.



Bob Lowry. After a 35 year career in radio, first as a DJ, then a program director, and finally as a Lowry_Bobconsultant to over 200 stations, Bob retired in 2001. The past twelve years have seen him become involved in prison ministry, writing two books, and authoring the leading blog for those seeking a satisfying retirement. Bob lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife of 37 years. He has two grown daughters, three grandchildren, and one adorable cocker spaniel dog.



John and Angela Laws are retirees originally from the UK now based in British Columbia, Canada. John-Angela-LawsJohn’s a retired Petroleum Engineer, Angela a retired Marketing Executive. With years spent travelling around the world living the expat life they now choose to travel for pleasure as pet and house sitters. With a profound love for animals they combine their two passions, providing a free and professional service which allows them to enjoy their chosen travel lifestyle. They still maintain a home of their own in Canada and frequently engage sitters from around the world.


John Robinson is a clinical psychologist with a second doctorate in ministry, ordained interfaith John_Robinson-minister, author, husband and father. He started writing books about psychology and spirituality at midlife and couldn’t stop.





Warren Stortoen found a passion and a purpose early in his retirement. He has traveled the world Warren Stortoenvolunteering numerous times every year supporting the Earthwatch Institute. While the number is still growing, he’s been on 79 expeditions.





Edward Zinkiewicz was a software engineer turned motivational leader and author of books Edward Zinkiewiczspecializing in the life-transition pitfalls and possibilities for those who are retired or preparing to retire.





Cathy Severson, MS is a counselor and retirement transition coach who helps adults answer the Cathy Seversonquestion, “What are you going to do when you grow up.” As founder of Passport to Purpose, a professional and personal development company, Cathy helps individuals find more meaning and purpose in their lives and work. She is the creator of the VISTa Life/Career Cards, a counseling tool used by therapists and career counselors around the world.


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