Festival Business For Seniors

Retirees are looking for interesting businesses to start. Author Stan Spector explores the opportunity of starting a festival business.

During the summer months, every large city in America is filled with dozens or hundreds of festivals. If you are an entrepreneur looking to get into a retail business, these festivals can be an inexpensive way to test your products to see if they will really attract a large enough customer base to warrant a year-around business. But remember, when you are writing your business plan, you have avoided a lot of the costs of a permanent location by having a festival business.

You pay a small fee to the festival and do not have to shoulder any rent and utilities, which are some of the high expenses for a fixed location.  You have also not had to do much in the way of advertising.  The festival has done advertising and has a client base that will show up.  You only need to have an attractive booth to entice the customers over to your location.  Make sure your signage looks professional and is viewable from major traffic centers for the festival.

But many people get into festival sales as their business instead of as a trial for their business.  With a number of calls you can find a listing of the festivals in a newspaper calendar or an on-line calendar of the festivals for the year. You will see that there are festivals going 30 weeks in some of the northern climates and up to every week of the year in some of the moderate climates.  By starting a festival business you can work as much or as little as you want, or whatever season you want to work.

Everyone considering such a business should realize there is a lot of work in these businesses to take into account.  With a store, you just open the door each morning.  But with a festival business, you will have to unload and set up your merchandise every morning and put it away every night.  Make sure all of your display methods are bought with this in mind.  Items on wheels that you can move along a rough terrain are great. Make sure you have an adequate vehicle to carry all of your setup and merchandise, and that you have an easy way of loading and unloading it.

Unsure whether you want to get into this business?  Go to a festival in your area.  During some of the slack time, ask some of the booth owners a lot of questions about their business.  Also, you may find one that is willing to hire your for a nominal fee or as a volunteer to help with the next weekend’s festival.  Work a few festivals, unloading and setting up each morning with the owner, to make sure your really want to do that many weekends during the year.


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Stan Spector is the author of Boomers Official Guide Retirement to Income and an expert on RetireWOW.com

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