The second of the two primary pillars of aging is financial well-being. The answer to the question – can I retire? – is based on Social Security, employer pension plans and savings income versus the retirement cost of living. RetireWOW provides simple calculators, retirement information and tools to maintain healthy finances. There are multiple financial choices and options available for you and your family. The decisions you make, based on your unique lifestyle and the security you require, will ultimately determined how much you enjoy your retirement.

RetireWOW provides information written by non-technical people that is easy to understand. Our goal is to educate our readers without the confusion brought on by bureaucracy and over sophistication. As an example, annuities seem to be one of those items that many people find overly complicated. In, Annuities: Are they right for your retirement portfolio?  Cathy Severson explains what an annuity is, how an annuity works, and who to contact should you want an annuity.

As a matter of priority, RetireWOW has sought out experienced professionals who can provide valuable, cost saving information. One of the most important resources to retirees is a trusted financial advisor. It can be a frightening experience attempting to find the someone you can trust with the fruits of your labor. How to Hire a Financial Advisor provides key information to finding a reliable resource and how to best evaluate them. As is the case with most things in life, knowing what questions to ask are as important as the answers themselves.