Four Reasons the Baby Boomers Retirement is Different

We love to say this isn’t our parent retirement. How is the baby boomers retirement different from previous generations? When asked, two-thirds of retirement age baby boomers proclaim their retirement will be different from their parents. What are the four primary distinctions between the new retirement and those from past generations?

Work is still an option. While it seems to defy the definition of retirement, almost three fourths of people report either a need and/or desire to continue working beyond the traditional retirement years. Some people when continue working at the jobs they’ve always had. Still more will work part time or on projects. Some will fulfill a long dormant dream or passion. Some will start a business.

Staying healthy is important. Being physically fit and active is important to the baby boomers retirement. They know they can live longer than previous generations and they want to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Won’t go quietly into the sunset. Ask any baby boomer and they don’t was to be obsolete or irrelevant. They see themselves as vital members of society. They will be active, involved and demand their voice be heard.

Committed to lifelong learning. For the most educated generation in history, learning is a cornerstone to baby boomers. While some will learn to improve skills for work, many will look at learning as a way to stay engaged, mentally alert and for fun. They will use learning as part of their travels and leisure activities. As many as 60 percent of boomers believe it’s important to continue to keep learning.

What do we know about the baby boomers retirement? It doesn’t look much like retirement. It’s active, involved, healthy, and engaged.

Written by Cathy Severson, MS

About Cathy Severson

Cathy Severson helps baby boomers find more meaning and purpose in their lives and work. Get your copy of her complimentary e-book Guide to Retirement Activities a comprehensive look at work, volunteering and leisure based on an individuals’ personalities. Call for a complimentary 20-minute consultation to answer your most pressing concern. 928.775.4949 or email Cathy at

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