Frugal Tips for an Affordable Retirement Life

Retirement author JanEd. Note. Baby boomers are looking for frugal tips for an affordable retirement life. Author Jan Cullinane offers simple, usable tips for retirees.

– Use Internet banking (e.g. ING)

– Use programmable thermostats

– Set up a gift registry for yourself (we did this at Bloomingdale’s when we moved and were buying lots of new stuff for ourselves – it was suggested by the salesperson and saved lots of money)

– Monitoring property tax assessments and appealing their valuation when we thought they were too high (we’ve done this a few times)

– Join clubs, such as Ruby Tuesday’s “So Connected” club and receive 2 – 1 entrĂ©e offers

– Pay the balance of your credit card every month

– Use Skype – free downloads and the only cost is an inexpensive microphone for your computer (if one isn’t already built in). We did this when our son was living in Japan for a summer.

– Appeal to customer services representatives if services, prices, products haven’t been satisfactory (I’ve done this successfully on a number of occasions, including Hilton, Frontgate, and CVS). I have a formula for my letters which work very well.

– Sign up for a movie card – such as an Epic or Regal card – free drinks/popcorn/tickets.

These are just a few of the frugal tips you can use in your retirement life. Share yours.


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