Healthing AgingAt the center of aging is a healthy body. For the Baby Boomer generation, raised with the idea of perpetual youth, aging effects reflected in the mirror can be a startling sight. With advances in adult nutrition, seniors fitness, mental health aging, the integration of eastern and western wellness, retirement health no longer has to be an indictment of frailty and decline. However, a strong and vibrant body will not happen without effort. RetireWOW offers information and discussion about senior citizens health with easy to implement lifestyle choices you can make.

Being able to look in the mirror with acceptance and love is an important aspect of anti-aging beauty. Author Sherrie Mathieson lends her expertise to readers by providing helpful anecdotes to those looking for style advice. With an extensive background in fashion, Sherrie’s trained eye will not only help you look better, but also save you time and money while finding what works best for you.

RetireWOW has made a conscience effort to make physical fitness a priority for our readers. Experts such as K.T. LaSalla promote dance and aerobics as way of not only prolonging ones life, but improving the quality of living for seniors. In Exercise is the Fountain of Youth, K.T. describes how to best start your day and why exercise is so important at any age.