Heroes at Aging Gracefully

Aging Successfully Over 90Ed. Note: Who are your heroes at aging gracefully? I have a favorite aunt who at 93 still wears heels and dresses to the nines. She has a caustic sense of humor and boyfriend. As baby boomers age, they’re looking for role models who break the old myths of aging.


“Over 90 and Loving It” is a PBS documentary airing around the country, captures inspirational moments from a wide range of “forever young” characters that view retirement as a time to try new things such as:

– Nola Ochs, who received her master’s degree just three months shy of her 99th birthday.

– Fan Benno-Caris, ran for City Council in Addison, Texas, at the age of 91.

– Katie Brown, 91, bakes and serves cinnamon rolls five days a week.

– Marlow Cowan, 91, and his wife Frances have over 7 million views on youtube.com playing the piano in the lobby of Mayo Clinic.

– Les Lieber, 99, plays his saxophone every Friday for “Jazz at Noon” at restaurants around Manhattan.

A trailer for this inspiring film can be found at http://www.over90film.com.

Share your heroes of aging gracefully. What characteristics do they have? When you get to the end of your life, what do you want people to say about how you shattered the myths of aging?

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