Home Emergency Kit

The New Year is a great time to go through basic routines, such as checking smoke alarms batteries and updating your home emergency kit. No one likes to think of being in an emergency that requires basic survival, but we watch thousands of people every year on television that face a disaster.

Experts recommend you be able to take care of yourself for three days, which includes enough water, food and other supplies. It is recommended that you have one gallon of water stored per person per day. If you are at home, you can also drink the water in the tank of the toilet and the hot water heater.  Make sure you have a hand operated can opener. If you have pets, have extra water and food for them.

You first aid kit should include dust masks, moist towelettes and a whistle. Have a flashlight that works with extra batteries. You will want to have a battery-powered radio with extra batteries, and local maps. Include a wrench and pliers to turn off utilities and know where they are located.

In addition to having a home emergency kit, you should also have a smaller version for your car. Of course, people never think it will happen to them, but taking a few steps to be prepared will save you potential regret in the future. It might also save your life.

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