How to be Stylish For Women Over 50

Sherrie Mathieson

Ed. Note: How to be stylish is a great concern for women over 50. Sherrie Mathieson shares simple fashion advice for women.

As women age, bodies shift and it’s often easier to give up than try to be stylish. If a woman in her fifties and sixties wants to be more style conscious without spending a fortune or changing her body, where should she begin?

A woman should reassess her wardrobe at least every 2 years after 50. Physical changes after 50 occur more frequently than the interval body changes in our youth. Shifts in style happen subtly on a yearly basis and more radically every 5 years (like eyeglass frames). The more classic and simple (beginning with neutral colors) her wardrobe–the more lasting and flexible it becomes. The quality should be the best she can afford (buy less if necessary). The fit needs to be appropriate for her weight and height and within the parameters of the current fashion (close–but skimming the body–never clingy).

More investment in good accessories creates the opportunity to change the look of your outfits over and over. Collecting great bags (go for the youthful larger ones even if you are petite), at least one good watch (large and masculine is youthful), chunky strand(s) of pearls (fakes are fine), bracelets (if not a “cuff”style–then stack a few), classic earrings (like diamond or pearl studs, and either tiny hoop earring or considerably large) is essential to self expression and creating a stylish appearance.

A long look in the mirror from all sides pays off.

Core wardrobe basics should include:

1. Black workout pants that fit appropriately.

2. A white v-neck or round-neck T shirt (long and short sleeved)

3. A white fitted polo shirt.

4. Athletic sneakers, and walking sneakers (or athletically styled shoes like Puma’s).

5. A stylish large and lightweight black bag (tote style is easiest) for everyday wear (later you add other bags can be in dark brown and/or tan).

6. A stylish neutral colored anorak.

7. A stylish nylon windbreaker

8. A trench style jacket (decide on your best length and fabric) or safari style jacket

9. At least a 3-ply cashmere shawl– in black, navy, light blue, cream…

10. A classic white blouse–and a few variations on it later.

11. A “little” black dress.

12. Black slacks in a current style (A wide variety of styles are in –but not straight legged with front pleats).

13. Navy jeans (slim/skinny and boot leg).

14. Black leggings.

15. Black ballerina flats.

16. Black knee high boots (preferably flat).

17. Black kitten heels

18. Black slides with cork wedges.

19. A long cardigan sweater (to mid thigh- or at least covering past the derriere) in a neutral color like a gray or beige tone.

20. White pants and jeans in your best fit and cut (same cues as for black pants)

21.A coton tunic top (with embroidered detail is lovely)

22. A sailor stripe boatneck cotton top.

23. Stylish flat sandals(simple thongs are great if you are comfortable).

24. Neutral colored “driving” style moccasins

You too can learn how to be stylish. For women over 50, start with wardrobe and have fun.


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