How to Find Happiness: Find The Real You

Master of My Universe: How to get what you and live your dream


Written with humor and fantasy, Master of My Universe takes you on a journey of inner reflection to find The Real You. (TRY, for short.) TRY is the person you were when you were 11 years old. TRY held the dreams of your youth, and guarded the aspirations of your soul. But in the course of life, we sometimes banish our TRY to the basement, locking up our potential. This book teaches us, through personal exercises and inner searching, to dream, believe, create, how to find happiness, and reward ourselves into self- fulfillment.

Getting a Life; Making a Living tells you how to turn your passions into an attractive small business to support your family. Alice Elliott Brown begins at the beginning to help you understand your own interests and the market for your talent. Want to turn your passion for hiking into a side business in nature guides and walking sticks? Want to make your talent at creating YouTubes a real business that supports your family? This book tells you how, step-by-step. Getting a Life; Making a Living skips the philosophy and the motivational rah-rah too often filling the pages of business books. Rather, it goes right to the heart and the 1-2-3 steps of what to do.

Exercises and quizzes turn this practical handbook into a course guide. It also has an associated blog where you can exchange ideas with other readers who are exploring their own start-up ventures. Ask questions of the author and other readers on the blog at!

We can’t get what we want until we know what we want. We know what we want by searching our inner soul and uncovering our seeds of destiny. This book is not Tony Robbins. It’s not Simple Abundance. It’s not the Four-Hour Workweek. This book is the version of success without shortcuts. It’s the method without plastic and insincere “feel-goods.” It’s the unvarnished and unpolished nitty-gritty of how to get what you want and how to find happiness. This is the book you read when you are not afraid to let the toothpaste of understanding out of the tube of popular delusion. This is the information you cannot deny, once you truly know it. This book tells you how to live your dream for real … if you can bear the knowledge. If good health, paid bills, a happy family, and inner peace are your goals, this is your map to get there.



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Alice Elliot Brown is the author of Master of My Universe: How to get what you want and live your dream, available at

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