How’s Your Bucket List Doing in Retirement?

How’s your bucket list?


When I talk to people right before they retire, they have a fairly clear idea about how they’re going to use the first few months in retirement. Many have trips planned or other celebratory kinds of activities. Most want to relax and take it easy. The ideal of being able to read the paper from cover to cover over a second cup of coffee is bliss to many. Some have projects planned that have been put on hold for years due to the demands of work. All of these are excellent ways to spend those first few months.

There’s an interesting thing that happens when you talk to people who’ve been in retirement for a year or two. Many have slipped into a routine of just ‘chillin-out.’ I’m the last person to tell you how to live your life. My desire is to help people to live the life they want. If relaxing and taking it easy is your vision of the perfect retirement, go for it. But, if you have bucket list, whether written or otherwise, you might want to think about getting started.

The worst mistake you can make is to think that a satisfying retirement is going to happen automatically. While retirement may be different from your other adult life, if you think about when you were satisfied, it was most likely based on you having put forth effort.

As they say, today is the first day of the rest of your life. What small step can you take today to move towards creating a more satisfying retirement? Pretty simple, really. It might not be easy, though. When I look back of the regrets of my life, most have been because of missed opportunities I failed to act. Sure, there are a few things I wish I’d done differently (the early 70’s were an interesting time, weren’t they?).

Many people are waiting for the economy around. Certainly, the recession has affected many dreams. What if this is the best your life is ever going to be? Are you living it the way you want?

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One Response to “How’s Your Bucket List Doing in Retirement?”

  1. Bucket lists can change. I wanted to build a plane, but after a few years of working on it, my interests changed.