Importance of Eating Breakfast For Health After 50

Most people know the importance of eating breakfast, but a surprisingly large group of people over 50 still don’t eat  breakfast. Good health after 50 may depend of eating breakfast.

What you may not know is why it’s important to eat breakfast. After reading this article, hopefully you’ll be motivated to start your day off right with a hearty breakfast.

Breakfast is good for your heart. People to who skip breakfast have higher rates of diabetes. They also have higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels. People who eat breakfast tend to eat more fiber and consume less fat. Ultimately, people who eat breakfast tend to indulge in less overeating with fewer snacks in between meals.

Breakfast gives you a boost with essential nutrients. Because many breakfast foods are fortified, people tend to get more iron, vitamin B’s, and fiber which are important for a healthy body.

Breakfast gets your metabolism going. One of the most important aspects of breakfast is it gets you metabolism up and running. Without that boost, you may suffer from metabolic syndrome disorders such as obesity and insulin resistance. Ironically, researchers found that mice that consumed fat early in the morning had a metabolism hat worked efficiently. Animals that ate fat later in the day were more likely to be overweight.

Breakfast contributes to your immune system. People who eat breakfast get a boost of gamma-interferon, which is a natural antiviral that activates the body’s immune cells. People who skipped breakfast had a 17 percent drop in gamma-interferon.

A healthy breakfast should consist of a balance of protein, fiber and carbohydrates. When you eat this combination for breakfast, you will experiences higher energy. In fact, whether you eat breakfast or not will largely determine your energy levels for the day.

Finally, people who eat breakfast may actually live longer. People who live to be 100 tend to be breakfast eaters. They also ate larger breakfasts. It is believed that breakfast is necessary to prevent disease.

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