Inexpensive Food Ideas for Entertaining Fun

Gathering with friends and family over food is one of the favorite ways people stay connected. For new retirees, there is often a concern about the cost of entertaining, which can become quite. However, it needn’t be expensive to be fun. There are a number of inexpensive food ideas for making entertaining fun without breaking the bank.

The traditional potluck is always a great way for inexpensive entertaining. Have a themed party and encourage people to bring food for the theme. The theme could be something like a Mexican fiesta, but how about favorite foods that are also healthy. Be creative  with what you encourage people to bring. The best party I ever attended was about chocolate. There was even beer, wine and chocolate liqueur.

Consider hosting a brunch, lunch or afternoon event. Food for these meals are often less expensive and there is less alcohol. Inexpensive food ideas could include serving a big pot of chili, soup or stew. Keep the meat to a minimum and add many healthy veggies.

Progressive dinners have become very popular. Instead of having the meal at one location, it’s spread out among a group. One household will have appetizers. The soup and salad, entrée and dessert would be a other locations each.

Alcohol is the most expensive part of entertaining, especially at night. Once again, you can have people bring their favorite wine, or hard liquor for their own consumption or to share. Instead of a full bar, have a spiked punch and another that is alcohol free. In summer, serve a fruity sangria or in winter a mulled wine.

The cost of entertaining should never be a reason to not get together with friends and family. Entertaining fun is about being together and sharing the experience.

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