Life of Leisure May Be A Challenge for Boomer Retirement

Have you wiled away the hours fantasizing about your boomer retirement and the life of leisure that will follow? While many retirement age boomers realize a life of leisure may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, most people want to enjoy their new freedom from full time work.

In many ways, baby boomers became a generation of workaholics. As more and more time was spent trying to achieve the lifestyle they wanted, many compromised on leisure activities, believing they would be able to make up for lost time later in life.

According to Mark Cullen of Stanford Medical School that may not be as easy as people assume. He discovered many people, especially successful men, feel like “they were nothing” when they retired. They didn’t believe they had any personal worth without their work. The much anticipated retirement was filled with a sense of emptiness. Contrary to popular belief, they didn’t know how to live a life of leisure.

While the boomer retirement will consist of more than just leisure, many people do not know how to adapt to a life beyond work. They lack leisure skills. What do leisure skills consist of, you might ask. Leisure skills entail much more than knowing how to swing a golf club or handle a remote.

If your working world consisted of being told what to do, you may have difficulty initiating activities in your own. A fulfilling life of leisure requires the ability instigate rewarding activities.

You need to know what activities are enjoyable. When work has dominated your life, knowing what you like to do for fun, can be challenging. If you don’t have any hobbies or volunteer work, you may need to explore different things to find a good match.

Entertainment alone may not be enough. Americans are largely dependent on entertainment for their relaxing time. Whether it involves watching television or going to a football game, entertainment can be fun, but it is ultimately passive and less engaging than being to actor instead of the observer.

Most people don’t realize they my lack leisure skills to make their retirement life fulfilling. Unfortunately, even a life of leisure takes effort and perseverance.

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