Lifelong Learning Plan Part of Your Retirement Strategy

Ed. Note -Your retirement strategy should include a lifelong learning plan. Stay young by exploring, discovering, and challenging yourself daily.

1. Expose yourself to people and organizations that KNOW stuff worth learning. Osmosis works really, really well and the right people/organizations are super filters for you.

2. Deliberately develop your intuition, instincts, inklings and ’sense’ of things. Often, non-verbal/not-fully articulatable reactions will teach you more than facts and evidence.

3. Learn every day and in every moment; not just in classes or trainings. Learn from life your job, other people, your own reactions. There is much to get/learn/assimilate every single day, if you are conscious and willing.

4. Continually experiment, do things a bit differently, do things backwards. Often, you’ll learn more from doing it wrong than doing it right. Just as the genetic code in our DNA mutates spontaneously, so can our skills, knowledge base and way of thinking.

5. Learn from your reactions to people, situations, events, changes. It’s just as important to learn how YOU work and learn as it is to understand how others/life works. Your reactions will tell you everything you need to learn to grow and advance, personally and professionally.

6. Have access to answers, wisdom, just-in-time systems. Have a coach, access to the Web, know a collection of experts in your network. You can’t afford to wait to get the solution or the information you need. Life’s moving too quickly.

7. Learn by acquiring information, as you need it. Have a way of access the information/solutions you need right when you need it instead of having to stockpile the information.

8. Learn by customizing what you learn to work selfishly for YOURSELF. When you read a book, adapt the principles to work just for you — forget what the author is saying to anyone else. When you have a conversation with an expert, get the expert to match YOUR needs to his/her information — get the expert to customize the approach, strategy, solution to meet YOUR needs.

9. More to come!

10. More to come!

Add your ideas on how to have a lifelong learning plan in the comments below.

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  1. May he rest in peace.
    Thank you for solving a mystery. I had collected much literature online around the year 2000 about Coachville and the various subsets of coaching information. Now I know why all that online information disappeared.