Living the Dream

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Living the Dream without Breaking the Bank

We’ve all been there. At a crossroads. Wanting to change our lives. Wanting to take the leap into the big abyss and LIVE.

Why do we hang on to something even when we know we’re better off letting go?

Are we afraid to lose something we don’t even have?0C_IMG_5968_

Do we live with the illusion that we’ll be safe if we don’t risk?

Are we afraid that we’ll make the wrong decision and won’t be able to turn back?

Are we unsure of the path that will set us free?

What are your big DREAMS for Retirement that you’re not willing to pursue?

What internal demons are holding you back?

Why is it scary to let go?

Are you stuck because you want to take the plunge, but don’t know what you want to do?


 What if there was a way to

live your dream in retirement without breaking the bank?

What if there was a way to live the dream without risking it all?

Don’t you want to find a way to have the life you want without have to sacrifice everything?

In this unprecedented series of interviews, you’ll hear from ordinary people, the real experts about living the dream in retirement? You’ll learn about the fears they had to overcome. You’ll learn what it took to take the leap to living the life they wanted.


I promise you will understand what it really, truly takes to live the life of your dreams.

In the series, you will listen to Six Interviews, THE experts about Living the Dream.

You will hear:

John_Robinson-John Robinson is a clinical psychologist with a second doctorate in ministry, ordained interfaith minister, author, husband and father. He started writing books about psychology and spirituality at midlife and couldn’t stop.

What people say about The Three Secrets of Aging:

The Three Secrets of Aging inspires readers to approach aging in a positive, life-affirming acceleration of wisdom and consciousness expansion. Since all human beings are aging, this book is for everyone. Jacquelyn Small, Author ofTransformers, the Artists of Self-Creation and Becoming A Practical Mystic

The Three Secrets of Aging is both a moving memoir of the author’s own initiation into elderhood, and a timely and practical guide for anyone wanting to reach life’s winter season in a more conscious, whole, and fulfilling way. Rev. Robinson describes the three secrets of initiation, transformation, and revelation that produce enlightened elders who have the insight and wisdom necessary to guide the world toward a more sacred and spiritual reality. This book offers a powerful and inspiring blueprint for this profound path, and is a gift for all those who are responding to the call of awakening.” Jeremy Geffen, MD, FACP, Medical oncologist, Author of The Journey through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person

Listen to a snippit of the call with John:

Warren Stortoen found a passion and a purpose early in his retirement. He has traveled the world Warren Stortoenvolunteering numerous times every year supporting the Earthwatch Institute. While the number is still growing, he’s been on 79 expeditions.




Listen to a snippit of the call with Warren:



Edward ZinkiewiczEdward Zinkiewicz was a software engineer turned motivational leader and author of books specializing in the life-transition pitfalls and possibilities for those who are retired or preparing to retire.

What people say about Play and Purpose:

I retired last year so was curious about what he had to say. I found Ed’s book encouraging; I am going in the right direction! But Ed also challenged me in other areas. His stories, resources and suggestions will help with the fine tuning of my new way of life. Eunice Wilson, Retired Nurse, Massachusetts

Ed Zikiewicz gives us an honest look at retirement, but he does it with warmth, humor and a feeling that someone is looking out for our best interests. He cites plenty of research and offers suggestions, goals and guidelines, but presents it all a way that’s clear and easy to understand. He definitely knows what he’s talking about! –Rev. Brian McCaffrey, Chaplain at LutheranCare, a Long-Term Care facility in Clinton, New York

Listen to a snippit of the call with Ed:

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli
Akaisha and Billy Kaderli.
Recognized retirement experts Akaisha and Billy defy conventional life descriptions and prefer active trailblazing instead. Financially independent at the age of 38, they’ve been traveling the globe since 1991 and promoted medical tourism before the word was invented. They often find themselves on the cutting edge of societal trends and love sharing that expansive view in their books and on their website, RetireEarlyLifestyle.

What people say about Your Retirement Dream IS Possible:

This book is a must-read for anyone who dreams of retirement but worries that their plan has been derailed by a weak economy. “The dream is still possible,” say Billy and Akaisha Kaderli, and they should know. Retired in 1991 at the age of 38, the Kaderlis have been living an adventurous, global life and have taught us that enrichment doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Using their own inspirational retirement as an example, they step readers through practical advice about building and managing a financial portfolio, health care concerns, housing, traveling and lifestyle choices. After reading this book, you’ll come away not only with a solid financial plan, but the courage and know-how to take the leap into the life you want. Judy Martel, author of “The Dilemmas of Family Wealth,” and’s Wealth blog.

Listen to a snippit of the call with Akaisha:

Lowry_BobBob Lowry. After a 35 year career in radio, first as a DJ, then a program director, and finally as a consultant to over 200 stations, Bob retired in 2001. The past twelve years have seen him become involved in prison ministry, writing two books, and authoring the leading blog for those seeking a satisfying retirement. Bob lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife of 37 years. He has two grown daughters, three grandchildren, and one adorable cocker spaniel dog.

What people say about Bob’s latest book, Living a Satisfying Retirement:

Bob helps to frame the realities of living a satisfying retirement with real life feedback from those currently retired as well as planning to retire. He asks the pertinent questions that all retirees should contemplate as they prepare for their own personal retirement. The candid answers shared can perhaps help those of us preparing to retire to better see what may lie ahead. At the end of each chapter, Bob summarizes key points and shares his personal experiences. D. Bernard

Bob is a very thorough, detailed, yet engaging author. He’s covered just about every aspect of retirement in this book. Above all, Bob is sincere and honest. He doesn’t sugarcoat situations, but he equally doesn’t put the idea of living in retirement to the fullest out of reach for average people.

Great book, especially for those who are contemplating retirement and wondering what to do in it. Jeff

Listen to a snippit of the call with Bob:

John and Angela Laws are retirees originally from the UK now based in British Columbia, Canada. John’s a retired John-Angela-LawsPetroleum Engineer, Angela a retired Marketing Executive. With years spent travelling around the world living the expat life they now choose to travel for pleasure as pet and house sitters. With a profound love for animals they combine their two passions, providing a free and professional service which allows them to enjoy their chosen travel lifestyle. They still maintain a home of their own in Canada and frequently engage sitters from around the world.

Testimonials for John and Angela as Housesitters:

Angela and John are THE BEST! Score 5 is not high enough to express how wonderful they are in EVERY ASPECT! Careing for our house and garden can be challengeing. But on top of everything they were confronted with some unusual and unexpected situatutions, which they handled with great professionalism. Judith Otto Switzerland and USA

Listen to a snippit of the call with Angela:

Cathy SeversonCathy Severson, MS is the host and moderator for the series. She is a counselor and retirement transition coach who helps adults answer the question, “What are you going to do when you grow up.” As founder of Passport to Purpose, a professional and personal development company, Cathy helps individuals find more meaning and purpose in their lives and work. She is the creator of the VISTa Life/Career Cards, a counseling tool used by therapists and career counselors around the world.

What people say about The 7 Ingredients of a Satisfying Retirement (you can get your Satisfying RetirementSatisfying Retirementcomplementary copy of this great e-book by signing up at the top of the page on your right-This will not include a purchase of Live the Dream):Satisfying Retirement Satisfying RetirementSatisfying Retirement

The 7 ingredients to a satisfying life and the Newsletter are simply jaw dropping. I really appreciate it so much and I will read portions of it daily. Beverly H. Hugle

I’ve just finished my first read of your “7 Ingredients for a Satisfying Retirement” and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with it and how pleased I was to find it… Thinking there’s got to be something better already out there than what I’d been given, I spent a couple of hours googling and found some articles / sites relevant to my needs (which I’m hoping are much more around meaningful activities than financial constraints). Best of all your ebook provided the overall context I was looking for and your 7 ingredients archway almost exactly matches (visually) what I’d started to write down myself. Recent retiree, Tom

As a bonus,

In addition to six full length interviews filled with specific ideas, tips and information to help you build your Dream in retirement, you will also get a 30 minute coaching call with Cathy Severson. While we may not solve ALL your problems, you will walk away with explicit steps for creating the best rest of your life. Valued at $75.00, this alone will make the package worth your while.

What people say about Cathy’s coaching:

Cathy. . . you have the ability to not only build a better mouse trap, but also to create a better mouse. MG

You do your job well. You make me feel like I’m not alone and that I can accomplish anything. PB

You are a great and wonderful counselor. I have learned a lot about myself from you. I wish you were here six years ago. DP

Thanks for opening my eyes better to see the real ME. Aileen

Thanks for all the help and guidance. You’ve been like a road map. First, I was lost, then you told me where I was, now you’re helping me plan the route to the next place. Pat W.

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