No Work and All Play? Changing Retirement Life

In the past, retirement life symbolized a time of leisure for people who had worked their whole lives and felt deserving of such enjoyment. People have been focused on the ‘me’ for decades, trying to plan how they will get the most out of their own retirement, regardless of anyone else. Everything that was geared toward retired individuals focused on how they could maximize their enjoyment and get the most from their retirement, including activities and recreation. Golf clubs, sports facilities, and fitness centers all focused on helping people help themselves to a good time in their second act of life.

Personally, I love recreational activities and fitness centers. They’re a great way to spend time and remain active, even when there isn’t as much going on in your life. I’ve noticed, however, that the active adults that I encounter today are just that: active. They’re active in their community, in their families, and in their work. That’s right, I said work. The baby boomer generation is different because so many people have every intention to keep working in their retirement.

Now, this doesn’t mean that people don’t retire from their careers. In fact, most baby boomers have retired or will do so in the next few years. However, the good majority of them end up finding some type of part-time work that they can enjoy, allowing them to continue to contribute to the world around them. I still train people on a part-time basis, allowing me to enjoy my retirement life and still make a living doing what I love. I like it because it gives me the opportunity to continue to be a productive member of my community, and that’s usually the reason that other people do it too.

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