Overcomers, Inc: True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspirations

Ed Note: Have you had to overcome obstacles in your life? Author Lynne Klippel share tales of tragedy and redemption in her new book Overcomers, Inc: True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration.
What inspired you to be a contributing author in Overcomers, Inc.?

The idea for Overcomers, Inc. came to me in a dark time. My mother, father and brother all had cancer. Everyone was worried and fearful. I wished I had a positive, uplifting book to send my brother to read during his chemotherapy treatments. Since I coach aspiring authors, I knew lots of people who had a great story to tell. So, I put out a call for authors who wanted to participate in a very special book project and within about a month, the Overcomers project began.
Why is the topic of Overcoming important to you?
I jokingly say that I have a PhD from the school of hard knocks. I’ve had some very hard times in my life and been blessed greatly. My faith, friends, and family always supported me, even when I was so broke I was selling plasma to pay my bills after leaving an abusive spouse. I’ve seen, in my life and in others, that we are never alone. We can always find the courage to go on and overcome a tragedy or problem. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how strong we really are. Overcomers, Inc gives you that reminder in every story.Why are you specially qualified to write about this topic?

In my personal life and my career, I’ve seen the courage of the ordinary person who overcomes an illness, a job loss, a life-altering injury, or a terrible mistake. There are heroes around each of us, in every community. These unsung heroes have inspiring stories that make you feel stronger and braver. Each Overcomers Inc author is a hero to me, and will be hero to everyone who reads the book.

What makes you proud about your involvement with Overcomers, Inc.?
I am so proud of the group of authors who came together to create this very special book. Each author added an important story to the book. As a publisher, I am also very proud of the quality of the stories in this book. Each author wrote from the heart so the stories are all powerful, fascinating, and uplifting. When you read Overcomers, Inc, you’ll laugh out loud and you may shed a few tears. It is an amazing collection of true stories that you won’t be able to forget.

What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY?
Our world is full of doom and gloom. There are so many difficult things happening now- people are ill, unemployed, suffering from the impact of war and poverty, and full of fear. Overcomers Inc demonstrates the power and resilience of the human spirit. We can overcome our challenges. This book reminds us how brave, strong, and creative we all are.

What people NEED to read this book and WHY?
Overcomers Inc is perfect for anyone who is troubled or worried. If anyone has struggles, problems, fears or pain, Overcomers, Inc will shine a ray of hope into their lives. If you have a friend who is ill, out of work, going through a divorce, or is in any sort of pain, give her this book. It will help. This book is also perfect to keep in your car or by your bed to read whenever you have a few minutes and want to feel inspired.

What is your final message to our readers?
Overcomers Inc has universal appeal. Everyone has had moments of doubt, fear, stress, and confusion. This book will give you wisdom and courage to face any challenge life can bring you with grace. Reading this book won’t give you a perfect life, but it will give you the ability to cope with your life in a stronger, more powerful way.

Your problems don’t control your life or your future. You can overcome the challenges in your path. It will take courage, wisdom, and hard work but it can be done. Let Overcomers, Inc be your inspiration. As you read these powerful stories, soak up the possibilities in each page, learn from the authors, and believe that you can triumph over trouble.


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