Park, Stay and Go for Travel Ease


Most of us would admit that air travel today is a nuisance. I have many friends to travel because flying has become so challenging. I still love to travel and have never taken a trip that wasn’t worth the hassle. With that said, we’re all looking for anything to ease travel. Now this won’t help you once you get in the airport, but it might help the process of getting there. That’s the concept of ‘park stay and go’, ‘park stay and fly’ or ‘park sleep fly’.

Unless you have a good friend to take you to the airport and pick you up, getting to and from can be a problem. We live a solid hour and a half from our major international airport. While there is a shuttle that runs between our town and the airport, it costs $25 one way per person. We have used it and it worked fine. Another option is to park at the airport, which can be expensive if you’re going to be gone for a significant length of time.

Looking for the least costly and most efficient means for getting to the airport became a challenge before our last trip. We were returning close to midnight and the shuttle didn’t have service that late. In addition, our car would have been parked in an open lot, which I didn’t like.

With some research, we found another alternative, park stay and go. We drove down to a motel close to the airport (in our case, the Hampton Inn), parked the car in a secure lot, and then their shuttle drove us to the airport. Upon our return, the shuttle picked us up, returned us to the motel, where we checked in for the night. The only cost was for room. There wasn’t a charge for parking the car.

From a cost perspective, it was about the same cost as the shuttle if you include  our gas. It was also about the same as parking at the airport. Because we got in so late, after flying for 24 hours, it was nice to get a few hours sleep before driving home.

I’ll never give up traveling. There is so much to see in the world. Anything I can find to ease travel, I’m all for it. The ‘park stay and go’ idea worked well for us and we’ll definitely use it again.

Written by Cathy Severson, MS

About Cathy Severson

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