Relationships Staying connected is the center of senior experience. To retire successfully, it is important to have relationships in your life that make you feel attached. Adult living may mean a new involvement in senior organizations, retirement centers, the 55 community, as well as with family and friends. RetireWOW provides information about the multitude of relationships you have in your life and how to make them thrive. If you are part of a couple, the retirement transition can be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect. However, it also provides challenges to discuss and face individually or together. Our goal is to provide information for all the scenarios in which one might find themselves.

If you’re married or in a committed relationship, check out The Retired Couples Transition into Retirement by Stephen Frueh. Stephen examines the pitfalls newly retired couples face and how to avoid them. He also discusses how to enhance ones relationship as opposed to having it compromised by retirement.

If you’re single, know that you are not alone. RetireWOW has plenty of information about dating and cultivating new relationships. Social connections are being found on the Internet with Pros and Cons of Online Dating and we have first hand accounts of what to expect. If you haven’t dated in a while, it can be a scary thing, but First Date Ideas for Seniors makes suggestions on how to best get the ball rolling.

And we can’t talk about relationships without talking about sex. Let’s face it, sex is still an eager topic as many of the truths and myths are explored in The Facts about Senior Sex.