Retired Teacher Uses Skills and Passion to Help Students Learn Math

Retired Teacher becomes MA semi-retired teacher, Tom Biesanz was looking for a fun way to teach his grandchildren math when he embarked on a new career as Founder of Pattern Play Math.

A teacher who taught advanced math, Tom was dismayed by the negative attitude many students had towards the subject. He knew this resistance affected their ability to learn math. Armed with a master’s degree in counseling and a passion for numbers, Tom embarked on a journey to make learning math intriguing for students. He created a right-brain approach to teaching math that is interesting, but also effective in helping students grow.

Using visual patterns, rhythms and relationships Tom’s right-brain approach can be used to learn a number of math functions. He uses this unique approach to teach addition, times tables, and other math concepts. While he makes learning fun, a bigger goal is achieved as students have increased self-confidence, a better attitude about math, as well as a greater understanding and better retention with this new model.

Armed with his new system, Tom, Mister Numbers to his legion of followers, started making videos to help students see the amazing patterns in numbers. These free videos are still available online. Not only do students learn, but he has become popular with parents and teachers. He also developed videos, which are also found on itunes to help parents understand his right brain approach to learning math.

He demonstrates that learning math through his method is a positive experience where students are eager to expand and learn more. In addition to videos, Tom has created books with worksheets, as well as DVD’s. His videos currently reach 50 countries around the world. His products are sold in over 20 countries.

He is creating a television show call “Pattern Play Math.” He also holds trainings for parents and teachers in Santa Barbara, California.

Tom wouldn’t use the term ‘retired.’ His life is busy as he continues to pursue ways to reach students and help them learn math. In many ways, Tom Biesanz is representative of the new baby boomer retirement. He is taking his talents and skills and applying them to a new passion that serves a greater good. In talking to Tom, his interest in this new work has become all consuming, which is why he won’t use the word retired. In the end, he represents a role model to other baby boomers who are approaching retirement.

How can you use an interest or knowledge to create a new business, volunteer activity or just for fun?

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