Retiree Health Benefits of Pet Fish Tanks

When people think of pets for seniors, the first thought is of the four-legged variety. For many people, cats and dogs are not realistic options. Pet fish tanks or aquariums offer retiree health benefits without some of the challenges of mammals. Plus, they can be lots of fun.

There has been a lot of research on the health benefits of aquariums that may be surprising. Researchers found that an aquarium of fish can lower blood pressure by reducing stress. It can also aid in insomnia.

Seniors with dementia were also positively affected by pet fish tanks. Patients ate more, required few supplements and demonstrated less aggressive behavior when an aquarium was nearby.

The cost and maintenance of aquariums range from inexpensive and easy to extremely costly with high upkeep. Aquariums can range from many thousands of dollars for exotic salt-water tanks to a few dollars for a simple bowl with gold fish. As with the cost, maintaining an aquarium can also fall into a wide range. Automatic food dispensers feed fish if you travel. There are businesses that maintain high-end exotic tropical tanks. If people want a low maintenance pet, an aquarium can be ideal. For those who want to spend a lot of time, they can also do that with fish tanks.

The cheapest and easiest aquarium to maintain is a computer screen of swimming fish, which has demonstrated to being just as soothing as the real thing. If you want the senior health benefits without any of the time or cost issues, consider a virtual fish tank.

For many people, owning a dog or cat doesn’t work. Having a pet fish tank, real or virtual provides retiree health benefits and companionship that anyone can enjoy.

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