Retirement Business Adds to Retirement Income

Are you interested in starting a retirement business? What kind of business are you interested in having? Don’t know? Expert Stan Spector is passionate about helping retirement age baby boomers start businesses to help bridge the shortfall in retirement income. As a mergers and acquisitions specialist, he works with family owned businesses, so he has years of experience.

In Mini Businesses for Retirees, Stan explains what most new retirees want in a business, such as a low start up cost, easy to run with one or two people, and time flexibility.

Next Stan offers suggestions of specific retirement business that will add to retirement income. In They Just Do Not Have the Time, Stan offers businesses the aid those that are working full-time and would like someone to run errands and manage household chores.

Do you have a hobby that you can turn into a business? Stan shares ideas of how hobbies can be turned into small businesses. There are literally thousands of festivals around the country every year. This is a way to combine travel, interest in meeting new people with making retirement money.

Have you thought about providing a mobile service such as dog grooming, washing cars or doing yard work? Stan offers suggestions about mobile services for start up business ideas.

With time on their hands, many new retirees turn to a passion for writing. Stan offers suggestions how that interest can also be a way add to your retirement income.

Many retirement age baby boomers will look for ways to stay involved and also add to the bottom line by starting a retirement business.

Mini Business for Retirees

They Just Do Not Have the Time

Your Hobby as Your Business

Festival Business For Seniors

Mobile Service Businesses

Focus on your Writing skills

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