Review Franchise Business Opportunity for The Retiree

A brief review of franchise business opportunity articles for the retiree interested in starting a business.

As baby boomers reach retirement age, they are going to look for ways to augment their retirement income. Starting a business is a great way to stay engaged, connected and earn extra income, as well as take advantage of certain tax benefits. Retirement Life Matters wants to help you realistically explore whether owning a small business is right for you.

When my husband and I were in our early thirties we moved to a small town in northwest Colorado to start a welding and machine shop. Believing in the American dream, we were surprised and dismayed when our business disintegrated around us. We were lucky to sell the business, move to the west coast where my husband enjoyed twenty-five years as a corporate employee. We lost almost everything in that endeavor, but were able to start over because we were still young. Since then, I have embarked on a number of businesses to varying degrees of success.

Considered to be one of the easiest ways of starting a business is to buy a franchise. In addition to readying articles on the RLM and other sites, check out Unhappy Franchisee at This site provides additional cautionary tales about owning a franchise. This isn’t intended to dissuade you, but to make sure you have adequate information to make the best decision based on your particular situations.

We have a number of articles to help you evaluate buying a franchise:

Owning a Franchise In Your Retirement Years

Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise

Before you embark on a franchise business opportunity, make sure you have a complete understanding of what you’re getting involved. Many people have found franchises to be a wonderful way for owning a small business, as long as you have done your homework beforehand.

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