Scrapbooking 101: Capture the Memories!

If you are looking for an enjoyable way to fill your time in retirement, you should learn the art of scrapbooking.  This leisure activity is becoming increasingly popular as more people discover a unique way to preserve special memories.  Scrapbooking also enables you to share the special moments in your life with others and create a family legacy.  

Scrapbooking Options

Scrapbooks make a great keepsake for yourself or a great gift for friends, colleagues and family members.  You can design a special scrapbook for any special occasion or to commemorate any event.  Create a photo collection of important events in your children’s life and present it during their graduation ceremony.  Scrapbooks also make great gifts for a milestone birthday or wedding.  If you present a handmade scrapbook for your parents golden anniversary celebration, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.  Start with a retirement scrapbook or create a family legacy of your life or aspects of your personal history.  Close friends will always treasure a personalized baby scrapbook presented at their baby shower.  You will never forget those family vacations when you capture the memories in a travel scrapbook.

Who Can Scrapbook?

Almost anyone can scrapbook.  All you need is some time, creativity, inexpensive supplies and photos!  You can relax and spend time working on a scrapbook on your own or join one of the numerous scrapbooking groups.  It’s a leisure activity that is creative, stimulating and allows you to connect with others.    Another great idea is to enlist the help of your children or grandchildren during your next scrapbooking project.  Older children can create their own pages and younger children can place some of the decorative objects or choose their favorite photos.  You will not only capture special memories, but create some new ones in the process!

In retirement, women tend to do more scrapbooking than men do.  Men can share their history, values and memories through this medium also.  Men have their unique histories that are meaningful as a family legacy.  It can be a leisure activity a retired couple can share together.

What is Required?

If you want to try scrapbooking, you should invest in some templates, colored cardstock for the page backgrounds, coordinated patterned paper for the frames or titles and some decorative scissors so you can cut fancy borders around the photos or pages.  You will also need some pens to write captions and dates and some embellishments.  You can use your imagination and include anything from die cuts, buttons and punches to labels, metal plates, stickers or ribbon.  Page protectors are also handy to protect your pages from sticky hands, dust or spills.  Of course, you will also need photos!

How Do You Scrapbook?

The fun part about scrapbooking is the fact there is no right of wrong way to do it.  You can use your imagination and creativity and express your own personal style.  However, careful planning will help you prepare a more professional scrapbook.  Start by deciding on the overall theme and style.  Do you want to create elegant, classic, fun or romantic pages?  You can then choose your preferred layout.  If you need ideas or want to learn more about this leisure activity, visit an online forum, join a scrapbooking group or purchase a scrapbooking magazine.

The next time you’re searching for a way to express your creativity in retirement, capture the special moments in your life and create a family legacy, give scrapbooking a try!  

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