The Hard and Soft of Sexual Dysfunction Part Three


Self Communication or Self Deception of Erectile Dysfunction

Long ago in a place far away, aged-sex was a blush of rouge on a grandmother’s cheek. In my youth, thoughts of my grandparents making love at the age I am now had a sense of uneasy silliness. Not so today. I have just joined the group that has shown the largest increase in sexuality activity compared to their parents and grandparents. Last month I became 70. Men in their 70’s are far more sexually active than ever before. These regenerated souls are not having as much sex as they did in their thirties, but they are enjoying sex far more than their own fathers ever considered in their retirement years.

Out-of-the-closet Grandfathers have always taken the time to play. Their heterosexual counterparts lagged behind. Finally, these fatherly sorts have seen the light. They have become educated enough to determine there is no better, or healthier, game than sex.

Healthy Sex: here lies the key. Sadly, the key will not open a door that has been closed by lack of vitality. Sex can be part of the plan for combating physical lethargy, only, if the man is not sexually-lethargic. He must desire sex, and some men, youthful or well-aged, do not have a strong sex drive. Many men will welcome Erectile Dysfunction as a self deceptive excuse for their low sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction is nature’s safeguard for men of all ages. If men were always functional, indulging in sex is all most of us would do. Post orgasmic hormones provide a sense of wellbeing that exceeds any drug, but they wear off quick, and like addicts we would crave another fix. From puberty onward, men are familiar with what has recently become a household phrase: Erectile Dysfunction. Temporary as it may be, it has allowed us to get on with rest of our life, as in those macho challenges of eating and drinking.

Self Communication or Self Deception: The individual that is hardest to communicate honestly with is our self. Much of our communication with others is designed by ourselves to make us feel comfortable with our self deception. Our minds love comfort and it is easier to lie to our self than it is to a partner.

Uninhibited communication with a lover is an ever-expanding challenge with enormous rewards. Regrettably, there are far too many excuses to hide real emotions in our society that uses ‘Genderization’ as a comical interlude to sell entertainment or gender orientated products. After a lifetime of living the deception of this staged difference it is difficult for many to bond within the sameness of women and men.

Erectile Dysfunction has opened the door to sexual dialogues of all types. Ads are everywhere telling us to enjoy intimacy by using their drug to provide us with the essential erections. The communication tides are truly changing and it is time for each male to consider sex as a reason for being healthy. Only the lazy need be lonely.

The ladies are waiting. Many women are more sexually confident than ever before. Reversely, many men are more sexually naïve than ever before. Armed with an erection-prescription they avoid the full-length mirror, quickly dress their wrinkles and proceed to court women half their age. I suggest these ridiculous creatures go back to their mirrors, get naked, then, with their glasses on, take a very close look. Now down-to-earth go seek a woman your own age. She will have much more compassion for your wisdom and wrinkles and you won’t look like a Self Deceptive old fart when you take her to dinner.

Next article Anita will add a female perspective. She went through menopause during the time of our most intense sexual experiments.
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