Senior Adults Returning to College

As the economy continues to be a challenge, the life expectancy surges, senior adults returning to college is one of the fastest growing trends in education. Baby boomers are hitting the books in increasing numbers.

Whether they want to update skills, nurture a new passion or learn for the sake of learning, people of retirement age are looking to college to help shape their future. Before you invest the time and money, it’s important to think about your goals and what you want to accomplish. Who you were at 25 is not you are at 55 or 65. Taking the time for reflection is well worth effort.

If you are thinking about starting a new career, think about what really excites you and makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning. What kinds of people do you want to be around and what goals to you want to accomplish with the time you have left?

If you’re primary goal for being an adult returning to college is a new job, determine the market need for this line of work. Take the time to talk to college counselors and alumni in that field to determine how difficult if will be to find work. You might try to line up either paid or unpaid internships early in your studies to gain practical experience.

If you’re returning to college for personal fulfillment and happiness, reflect about what’s important to you. Understand what motivates and drives you. What to you want to achieve by going to school.

If you want to update your skills to make them more marketable, research certificate and short-term training. You may not need a new degree, but just some courses to set you on a new path.

Don’t negate the skills and experience you already have acquired. Even if your industry has changed, you have a lifetime of knowledge that can help move you into a new productive chapter of your life.

Senior adults returning to college is an important trend in education. Do research to make sure that returning to school will put you on a path for personal as well as professional success.

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