Sexual Touch: The Two-Way Street of Making Love

When we touch a lover with a lingering hand, emotions flow through our fingers like warm silken sand.

The sense of touch is the two-way street of making love. We feel the one we touch as they lounge in the pleasure of that touch. Fingertips, like lips, have complex nerve endings that when developed allow us to visualize what we touch as we feel it by touching when our touching is light. As we age, once thirty is yesterday, we depend more and more on our sense of touch. Sight, hearing, taste and smell very gradually lessen and, as they do, we rely more on touch. It happens without awareness and this happening develops touch from an innate order of ‘seeing’ our world. Certainly young lovers can gain much from the art of sexual touch, but it requires their control over other senses eager to see the next act halfway through the play.

The advertised world surrounds us with images that imply sexuality is the game of youth. Certainly, the reproductive drive is, and should be, youth’s game. But the art of sex requires time and the will to elongate time is not a concern of reproduction that needs to happen now. It is easy for maturity to fall victim of those stereotyped dreams we carry forth from our youth. It is just as simple to see silly in all the folly of youth that scurries about until it becomes mature enough to understand what we already know.

Let us play with touch. First undress, then kiss and close your eyes. Standing now with naked chest on naked breast as lips and tongues entwine, let fingertips glide gently down those shifting curves that shape our sturdy spine. Hold each other close and glory in the magic touch of skin reflecting skin. Imagine that you melt; it will feel as if you cannot tell where your body ends and your lover’s skin begins. Now imagine that each finger is a lip and glide them slowly along the crease with one hand on each side of the boney spine. Feel. You are now seeing with your fingertips. When the buttocks are reached do not squeeze, save that for later, part them a bit and touch the warmth hidden inside. Fingertips are so alive at this point it will be like kissing that most private of parts. Can fingertips smell what they see? If you want them to they will. Your choice. Walk back to the neck at the base of the head. Now slowly start back down for a return trip.

Good lovers need to tease. But it is not teasing your lover that makes you first-class. True artistry will only come when you learn how to extend time by teasing yourself. By loving the moment, by loving the sensations you feel from your fingertips as much as you anticipate those waiting to explode from deep inside your sexual insides, by loving your sexual fingertips as much as you love your genitals you will become an artist.

Now that we have teased you with a brief preview from the enduring sense of touch we leave you to practice. We will continue next week; let us close with this thought: From our ten-years of experimenting with the sex-dreams of others the single act that all clients (except for, perhaps, three) loved was a slow lingering massage. They knew it would not end there. But they quickly learned that touch makes a beautiful trip seem endless.

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