Social Activities for Life After Retirement

An important aspect of retirement life is staying connected to others. People often underestimate the role our co-workers play in our social life. They may be surprised at how much effort it takes to stay involved with others. Many people are naturally drawn to social endeavors. Whether or not you are an innately ‘social’ person, everyone needs social activities that connect them to others as part of life after retirement.

For the Retirement Life Project, Social activities involve other people, either being in service to, educating, and communication. It also includes spiritual activities. Social activities can easily be turned into a part time job, opportunity for starting a business or a way to volunteer. People helping people as a fun activity is only limited by your imagination. There are literally millions of ways you can get involved socially.

This is a broad category where activities in retirement may include work, starting a business, hobbies or volunteer. Some subgroups are more conducive for different activities than others. For example, spirituality is more likely to be an interest area for volunteering or personal growth than a part or full time job as one gets older, although, there are exceptions.

The Social activities are divided into five subgroups.

Spiritual – Your own spiritual growth or helping others with theirs is included in this group. Spirituality becomes much more important as people age as they look for a bigger meaning to life and also come to deal with their own mortality. Spiritual service is also a rewarding activity that becomes important to people as they have the time to connect with others on a deeper level.

Communication – A love for language, literature and the expression of self through written and oral communication is included in this group. While it might be difficult to find a paid position in the field of communication, there are certainly opportunities for using communication as a hobby, volunteer activity or even starting a business.

Personal Services – Catering to the needs of others is a huge group that presents a multitude of opportunity for people who have the desire and talent to work with others meeting their basic needs. Most jobs in personal services don’t require a college education. What training is required can be acquired with on-the-job-training or short term training.

Education – While many retirees have an interest in learning, there has also been a rise in seniors as teachers. Many schools have made allowances in certain subjects for professionals to enter the classroom without having to return to school to get a teaching degree. Beyond formal teaching, there are numerous opportunities to turn your passion and knowledge into volunteer or work activities.

Social Services – Involved with helping people in a more professional arena, there are fewer work opportunities in the social services unless you are a trained professional. Interestingly enough there may be many opportunities to get involved as a counselor, coach or therapist as a volunteer if this is an area of passion.

Get involved with others for fun, as a volunteer or in a job. Social activities keep you engaged, involved and connected to something outside yourself.

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