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Whether you are interested in actually moving or just want to fanaticize the best places to retire, it’s fun to compare different locations.  Not just limited to retirement homes, communities, Sperling’s Best Placesisa great site to learn about different locations and compare them to others. 

Just by entering the name of the town, city or zip code, you will get an overview of the location, the people, economy, housing, health, crime, climate, education, transportation, cost of living, religion and voting history, the information necessary in an active retirement.  At the bottom of the overview page, they offer links to restaurants and wildlife information.  This site provides all the information for retirement living.

What sets this website apart is you can put it the names of two locations and then compare them based on the categories above.  You can compare California retirement communities to Florida retirement communities or any retirement city.

Demographic information will never substitute for visiting and especially living there for a period of time.  When there are so many options, Sperling’s Best Places provides a great way of getting the latest information.

There are many factors to consider when you retire.  As a retiree, you want to create a new retirement that is going to fulfill your needs and desires.  This website is a great resource to help in your planning to find the best places to retire.

You can also become a member and provide information about your current location as a Sperling Expert.


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  1. M. Schmeltzer May 15, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Oxford, of course, is excellent but it’s prices are getting rather high. What do you think of Corinth, MS. as an alternative?