Tips for Women Traveling Alone



More Americans are choosing to spend their holidays visiting international destinations. However, do you know which group represents the largest increase of American travelers? If you guessed women traveling alone, you are correct! More women are traveling solo to foreign countries for personal or business pursuits. Here are some valuable women’s travel trips so you can enjoy a safe journey.

Learn Local Laws & Customs

When traveling abroad, you should become aware of local laws and customs, they can be very different from the ones in your native country. Behavior that is considered acceptable at home can result in very harsh sentences overseas. For example, women traveling in Saudi Arabia can be arrested for merely wearing “improper” clothing.

Check Travel Warnings

It’s also very important for solo women to consult the travel warnings to any country they will be visiting. You can check with your local travel agency or conduct some research online. Many sites such as the

US State Department of Consular Information offer a current list of travel warnings to countries worldwide.

Keep Valid & Current Travel Documents

Make sure you have all of the necessary travel documents such as passports, visas and any required health certificates. You should also verify they are all current and will not expire when you travel alone.

Leave Contact Information with Trusted Individuals

Make sure you leave a copy of your important documents such as your visa and passport with a trusted individual back home. This makes it much easier if your documents are ever lost or stolen during your trip. You should also leave a copy of your itinerary and any contact information with friends or family in the case of an emergency.

Purchase Adequate Health Insurance

Never travel abroad without purchasing sufficient health insurance. Check your current policy and verify exactly what is covered. If necessary, purchase additional health insurance in case you become sick or injured during your travels.

Dress Conservatively

Solo travel for women can be more dangerous because attitudes towards females are not as liberal in many countries. Therefore, you should dress conservatively. You don’t want to draw undue attention to yourself or offend locals. You should also leave any flashy or expensive jewelry at home because it will make you more of a target for potential thieves.

Carry Labeled Medication

If you are taking medication, ensure you have a sufficient supply to last throughout your trip. Store everything in clearly labeled containers as drug laws in many countries are very strict.

Women traveling alone is on the increase. If you follow the above precautions, you can enjoy a safe and pleasant trip even if you are traveling alone!




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