What is Your Relationship to Money?

Relationship-to-Money-150x150The psychology of money is a very fascinating subject because money affects people so profoundly. Money psychology affects us all. Many people become desperate to earn more money or spend more on bigger and better items. Have you ever stopped to consider your own money relationship?

Change Your View Toward Money
You’re probably very familiar with the old adage, “money is the root of all evil.” Well, this may seem appropriate, given the fact that money often makes people feel insecure and powerless. In today’s world, many people become greedy, controlling, petty and selfish in their relentlessness pursuit of money.

However, you need to realize that money isn’t the actual problem – but rather how you deal with it and the value you place on it! Obviously, money is necessary to purchase many of the items we need in life such as food, shelter and clothing. The problem is that people often worry about money they may or may not have for items they want. They place too much emphasis on money, rather than the truly important things in life such as family, friends and health.

Consider Money an Opportunity
If you want to improve your own relationship with money, start by looking at money as an opportunity, rather than security. Determine what you really need to live comfortably, rather than focusing on items you may desire but can’t afford. Living beyond your means is never wise, and can lead to physical and emotional problems. Become money wise by focusing on earning money and doing the right thing with it, rather than how much you have. Carefully planning how and where you spend your money can change your entire outlook.

Determine Your Real Motivations
Money sense is intrinsically linked to your goals or dreams in ways you may never have considered. Many people fail to contemplate the true motivation behind their aspirations, which often leads to money problems. Instead of merely focusing on your goals, spend some time analyzing the motivating factors behind them.
For example, what is the real reason you want to travel to Europe with your husband? Perhaps, the actual motivation is your desire to spend more quality time together. If you can’t afford to take the trip, perhaps you can visit some local attractions together or designate some time for the two of you. This will focus attention away from money itself to the goals that will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. Living a life aligned with your particular values and beliefs will be much more satisfying than a wallet full of cash.

Money psychology is important to your relationship to money. This is true if you worry about money. Take some time to think about how you really thing and feel about money.

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