Women Businesses: Create Commerce Between Hearts

As women businesses (especially those in the healing arts), we often have difficulty making a connection – a business connection. We can connect with people actually quite easily. But for some reason, the ‘create commerce’ part of the connection eludes us. It seems foreign, uncomfortable, “salesy”, pushy, fake, coerced, and sometimes, down-right dirty.

I recently came across a line in a book that made a light bulb go off for me in regards to how women make connections. Or rather, how we should see making business connections. The gist of the sentence (from Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) said to create commerce between hearts. This makes way more sense for the woman who is trying to build a business in the healing arts, artistic, creative world, or any of the softer topics. If you can see your connection with potential clients and partners as commerce between hearts – then you’re there!

Let me give you a few important steps to help you implement this new vision when connecting with potential clients and partners:

1. Listen first

2. Be fully present (the greatest gift you can give)

3. Share your story

4. Relate to their pain (repeat their pain back and share a similar experience)

5. Offer a vision for what “could be” for them

6. Share your solution

In steps one and two, you must become an expert listener. Give the gift of being fully present so that you can hear exactly where concerns lie, connections can be made, and how you can relate. Repeat back the concerns you hear in your own words so that your potential client knows they are being heard.

In steps three and four, you are using what you’ve heard through fully present listening to connect and relate to your potential client. We can all relate to every single person we meet if only we listen closely enough. In some way, we all share the same pain. Share your story, so your potential client can see that you are authentic, transparent, and willing to be vulnerable. This is crucial in building trust.

In steps five and six, you must paint the picture of what could be for your client. Some people find it very difficult to even just “see” what is possible. Be of service and show them what is possible, how things could be, and the way to get there. The way to get there is your solution. If you can do this, then you have been of service and given something quite rare in the world today.

If you can do this in all of your conversations between potential clients and partners – you can create commerce between hearts. It is wildly simple, yet profoundly lacking. Try this in any relationship you desire to build something long-lasting in. I guarantee it will deliver for women businesses.

About Michelle Beitzel

Michelle A. Beitzel, CNHP, CVLC. Michelle is a wellness, life, and business coach who manages to coax purpose, potential, and personal power out of anyone. Find her at TheSoulStrategist.com

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