Work in RetirementJobs for baby boomers are changing the idea of retirement and work. As many as 80% of the boomer generation report they will continue to work passed traditional retirement age. Some work because they will need the retirement pay; others want a new retirement career. Some will work part time to minimize retirement cost. There are unique challenges for jobs in retirement. RetireWOW understands retirement employment and provides information and support to make retirement work at this time of life both financially and personally rewarding to the adult senior.

Offering easy information in 10 Tips for a Successful Job Search, Cathy Severson offers good advice for those who face the daunting task of finding work as a senior new to retirement (keep in mind ‘retirement’ doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t work). Another great resource for those re-entering the job search category is our series on job searching over 50. Job Search Strategies for Seasoned Adults provides both old activities and new approaches to getting the job you want and will enjoy.

Retiring baby boomers are the fastest growing segment of new entrepreneurs. Not wanting to go off into the horizon, starting a business is a life long dream for many, as well as a way to stay an active senior. For some independent senior adults, homemade items become the ticket to creating retirement companies. For others, buying an established franchise can be quite profitable. One thing is for certain. If plan on starting a business or buying a franchise, be prepared to work as hard or even harder then you did in your previous career. Whatever your decision, RetireWOW as a slew of informative articles to help you succeed in any venture you wish to take on.