World Tour Travel to Cambodia and Thailand

Angkor WatI’d like to say the trip to Thailand started with a purple hat, but it really began with a strange man holding up a yellow sign with red letters which said “Overseas Adventures.” It was late at night, a long flight of almost twenty hours had just transpired and we were at our destination to begin our first world tour travel. The questions most paramount were who were we going to share the next three weeks with, who was going to lead us and where was a bed? Eagerly looking for others with yellow tags, we soon came to find other OAT tours started at the Bangkok Airport. After a few false introductions we met our travel companions, our leader Anand (as in Anonymous). We made a quick retreat to the hotel for a few hours sleep before another plane trip to travel to Cambodia.

Initial impressions of Thailand began with ‘the women are gorgeous’ and prices are amazingly low. That observation never really changed throughout the trip.

Meeting our travel companions began with a purple hat. I should explain Overseas Adventures caters to small group travel and there were only eight of us who went to Cambodia. Lois went over to Martha and said, “You have my hat.” To which Martha replied, “No, I don’t.” What could have easily escalated into a midlife brawl was resolved when the women discovered they had traveled half was round the world with the identical purple, straw hat. Let the games begin.

What further bonded the group was arriving at the Bangkok airport to fly to Cambodia and Jack set off the security alarms with his Swiss army knife. They let him keep the knife (strange), but attached a pink paper to his ticket which he carried through the duration of the time in Cambodia. For some reason, it was funny, so funny that we laughed uncontrollably about it for the first few days of the trip. It started a friendship that lasted throughout the trip. Even though we were the youngest couple, the other travelers were fun, intelligent and easy to get to know.

The initial impressions of Cambodia started with being greeted by the quintessential foreign guards at the immigration desk. There were stern looks, official stamps. In fact, more stamps, dates and initials for Cambodia in my passport than any other country. I wanted to say, “Hey guys, you don’t have to worry about us wanting to leave your hot, dusty little third world country.”

But Cambodia was more than a hot, dusty little third world country. Siem Riep is the starting place for the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat and other temples bustling with activity. Swarms of tourist buses left for numerous western hotels that dotted the area.

Our trip to Thailand and Cambodia was our first world tour travel. We loved the intimacy of small group travel and have gone on other Overseas Adventure tours. It was fun to get to know each other and share the experience with travel companions.


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  1. Fantastic report, brought back all the memories of being there ten years ago. Thanks
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